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It all started with a photo I made from an apple and apricot cake in the beginning of 2017. I posted this on my own private instagram page and got really nice replies. My best friend told me that I should once look into making more pictures from my food and maybe post them on a separate food channel. This I did and developed it into the channel it’s now today. Lately as it gained more and more popularity I got a lot of questions about recipes and background information so the logical next step was to start this website where I have the possibility to do just this!

I’ve always been interested in food, when I was young I already liked to try everything and there weren’t a lot of dishes that I didn’t want to eat. Some of my favorite ingredients were for example olives and mushrooms plus you couldn’t make me happier with licorice. Not the most typical food for a child you might say, haha! I  had the fortune that my parents were cooking a lot of different dishes and we traveled a lot so that helped greatly with creating my pallet.

This fondness for experimenting with all kinds of food from around the globe kept developing and growing. During my studies I always tried to cook ‘real’ food and use fresh produce, my friends often had to laugh because of this and couldn’t really understand my passion. To learn more techniques I started to work as a chef-trainee in a restaurant on Ameland, a small Island in the north of The Netherlands. Here I learned much more, it really showed me what’s all possible with food. Next to it I learned a lot about pairing food with drinks, like for example a nice wine, cocktail or a fitting beer.

Traveling the world is my biggest passion next to food! I’ve been lucky enough to have seen a lot from our amazing globe and taste some very special dishes. The last years me and my wife even went on real food trips where we planned our vacation around special restaurants, food regions, wineries and distilleries. In 2014 we spent two weeks in New York and Washington D.C. where we visited landmark places like Katz’s Delicatessen, Ben’s Chili Bowl and Zabar’s. This mixing pot of cultures really opened my eyes. In 2015 we travelled through Japan and had the best sushi in Tokyo, King Crab in Osaka and Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima while drinking sake and Japanese whisky. But our favorite spot on earth by far are the Highlands and Hebrides regions of Scotland. We love the culture and the nature is amazing but the absolute best of all is the abundance of local produce like (shell) fish, game and of course all the small whisky and gin distilleries that we’ve visited. I try to implement all these flavors in my own cooking and creating nice combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photographic equipment that I usually use

Camera: Nikon D3200 & D5300
Lens: 50mm f / 1.2L, 60mm f / 1.2L, 100mm f / 2.8L
Post-production: Lightroom / Photoshop
Mobile: iPhone XS Max + Lightroom + Instagram

Did you make…?

If I made it, it’s probably on the blog. Try the search bar or look through the categories. If you can’t find it, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask me questions.

Do you use other people’s recipes on your blog?

It would be almost impossible not to get inspiration from other people, recipes or books. But I am always trying to give my own original spin to it. If I do use a recipe from a book, I will always credit the original author.

Wanna know more? Check out the FAQ page.

On this website you’ll find the recipes that I’ve developed over the years. I don’t really follow a certain style but what sets me apart is that I always try to use the most fresh ingredients, I make my own spice mixes and sauces. Next to it you will find both meat and vegetarian dishes on here plus a lot of sweetness! In the future I’ll also be posting cocktails, tips for the pairing of drinks with certain dishes and much more!!

All I ever wanted to do was to make food accessible to everyone; to show that you can make mistakes – I do all the time – but it doesn’t matter. What I’ve enjoyed most, though, is meeting people who have a real interest in food and sharing ideas with them.

Jamie Oliver

Thank you for reading

If you made one of my recipes and loved it (or of course didn’t or maybe you have some tips), let me know. And please feel free to share any of my recipes, posts or photos, just be sure to credit my blog and mention that you found it here. I do my very best to give credit to my sources as well. 

If you want to connect you can always leave a comment or email me at thecravingdutchman@gmail.com. Next to this you can find me on Instagram and Pinterest

For now cheers and I hope you have as much fun trying out these recipes as I did!

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